Margaret Godson & Susan Bushell

Margaret Godson & Susan Bushell

An Immortal Being Having An Energetic Experience:
How EFT Changes Us

Experienced in Energetic Practices for over 15 years each, Margie and Susan got talking one day and noticed a theme which caught their attention. Working in the field of Tapping and Energy Therapies changes us in ways that working in other fields might not. A common theme of levels of initiation in development will be explored in this breakout session with respect for the innate transmutation of us all as helpers and as human beings. Bring you’re A game as we recognize that we are on a journey of progression whether we know it or not, that both has Divine purpose and can happen in the simplest of life’s moments

Bio for Margaret Godson

I have spent my whole life with horses, they have been my greatest teachers. Coaching Riders and Training horses has always been my passion. However many times there would be a point where there would be no more progression or regression, and it was impossible to move beyond that point. It was very frustrating to see years of effort sabotaged and it had nothing to do with ability or knowledge.

In 2006, I had a health crisis and my world as I had know it was completely shattered. I searched the energy world, for answers and amongst many modalities I found EFT. I was encouraged by my therapist to attend Susan Bushell’s Level 1&2 Training in Fall of 2011. In 2012, I attended my first Gathering. In 2014 I had the honour of presenting the work I was doing with surrogate tapping and protocols designed for Horses.

I was able to connect the channeling and intuition work I had been doing with Evelyne Bernhardt with Matrix Imprinting at the 2016 Gathering. I have continued to Expand my EFT knowledge through two Level 3 workshops.

EFT is my go to when things just don’t seem to be in balance. I fully credit the use of EFT for turning my life around.

Bio for Susan Bushell

Susan has been in private practice in Energy Therapies since 2003. She began her career working with youth at risk and their families at Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton. Her intuitive abilities “opened up” around the age of 40 which lead her on a path of discovery towards Energy Psychology. She has been taught and mentored by EFT Founding Masters Ann Ross, Gwyneth Moss, Judy Byrne, Jaqui Crooks, Carol Look, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts as well as Tania A. Prince. She has also tutored numerous times for David Feinstein’s Ph.D. Clinical Fasttrack for Mental Health Professionals at the annual CAIET conference. In 2012 Susan founded the EFT Gathering in Ontario Canada and continues to organize this EFT networking and community-building event. She teaches, mentors and supervises EFT students from all over Canada and teaches approximately ten AAMET Accredited EFT trainings per year. She continues to do one-on-one session work both in person and online.