Susan Bushell Coordinator & Speaker

Susan Bushell

Conference Presentation

Midlife Surprises: Nobody Told Me About This!

Co-Presenting with Susan Van Klink

Just when the kids are raised and the career is on cruise control, life throws a detour at you. Are you barely coping with and unprepared for life’s midlife demands that you never realized you’d have to deal with? I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster of sorts myself, the past couple of years with my mother’s sudden passing, my father-in-law’s passing, my step-father-in-law’s passing and the overseeing of care for my 90 year old father. There are things I’ve had to grapple with that I never could have anticipated and no one ever warned me about. I’ve had to dig deep to remain calm and carry on. I don’t know how I could have managed without Energy Therapies and Tapping.

Is your body doing weird stuff it’s never done before? Are you coping with adult children who are struggling when you thought they were aptly and handily launched? Are you having to dive deeply into your own health challenge that you never could have foreseen?

Midlife throws curve balls at you. Those unexpected demands, requests, choices, late career dives, emotional challenges and boundary issues that you never saw coming.

Let’s explore and tap together allowing EFT to work it’s magic as it supports us and keeps our heads above water to navigate the ups and downs of midlife “surprises”.

Post Conference Workshop – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Monday April 25th

Spiritual Adventuring Amidst EFT

Do you resonate with the quote “I’m a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience?”
Are you figuring it out, that you are actually Colour, Light and Energy?

Using Energy Psychology techniques brightens your Human Biofield. It’s a bit like cleaning your windshield. Your Vision is Sharpened and Improved with Regular Tapping, Meditating, Grounding and Centering practices. By helping to keep our Energies humming we find the Giggle in our lives again. We become more Mindful of the places in our emotional, mental and physical Selves that need tending. Our attention is turned to the Remedy without Fear. Energy Psychology and Energy Exercises nourish the Spirit and bring us back from the disarray of life to our True Selves.

Join us Monday April 25th at the Eden Mills Community Hall in the Village of Eden Mills for a day of Connection, Borrowing Benefits with Tapping, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Catherine Lavender, Mitzvah, Ask & Receive, TAT, Energy Exercises, Journaling from the True Self, Guided Visualizations and Meditation. Spend the day coming to Quiet, hearing your own Inner Wisdom. No promises but you’ll likely float out of the room at the end of our day together. Lunch is provided.


Susan has been in private practice in Energy Therapies since 2003 and an EFT Trainer for a decade. She began her career working with at risk youth and their families at Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton in the 1980s. Her intuitive abilities “opened up” around the age of 40 which lead her on a path of discovery eventually landing in the field of Energy Psychology. She has been taught and mentored by EFT Founding Masters Ann Ross, Gwyneth Moss, Judy Byrne, Jaqui Crooks, Carol Look, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts as well as Tania A. Prince. She has also tutored numerous times for clinical psychologist, author and researcher David Feinstein’s Ph.D. at the annual CAIET conference. Susan’s practice is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

In 2012 she founded the EFT Gathering in Ontario Canada and continues to organize this EFT networking and community-building event. Susan has taught over 650 EFT students from all over Canada. She offers live, small-group learning experiences, professionally supervised. She continues to do one-on-one session work both in person and online and specializes in trauma work, fears, worries and sadness.

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