Diane Pascos

Becoming the Shameless Woman

Shame, Shame,……how can we ever forget Chef Felipe on Three’s Company! How often did you hear “shame on you” or “that’s so shameful”! Shaming is everywhere.

Shaming dims our light. It keeps us from living an authentic life. It’s become commonplace to feel shamed by others’ words and at times we shame ourselves without even realizing it. How often did you stop yourself from saying or doing something that came from your inner light, out of fear of being embarrassed or feeling ashamed? Who made the rules for you on what’s shameful?

In this session, we will be experiencing a blend of techniques using EFT and 5D Breathwork to explore the roots of shame and begin releasing the layers.


Diana K Pascos is an Emotional Freedom Coach; Intuitive Energy Healer, combining a wide range of modalities. Certified in EFT, Beyond Quantum Healing, 5D Breathwork, Reiki & Sound Reiki, and as a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.

Diana can be contacted  at 647-833-4993 or through her website at https://dianakpascos.com/.