Joan Corey - Speaker at EFT Gathering Canada

Joan Corey B.ED.

Education and Community Liaison Specialist

With 30 years of experience in education in the public-school system, Joan has in the last 12 years become specialized in supporting First Nation youth and children. Over the past three years, Joan has expanded her approach with these beautiful souls to include “Tapping”. After powerful personal results when diagnosed with breast cancer, surrounding treatments, blood clots and much more, Joan decided it was time to complete Advanced training in EFT and bring this effective gentle technique to children, providing them with a powerful tool for life.

Almost daily, Joan uses this amazing self-healing technique to open doors for students in the area of academics and emotional well-being. The greatest testament is when the little ones arrive at her classroom asking for guidance to “tap” on topics from reading to family crisis, to hockey success. Joan’s students recognize the gift that is EFT and she feels honoured to share her experiences and offer guidance to other educators hoping to bring EFT into their classroom and schools.