Hilary Moon

After a major health challenge in 1994 Hilary turned to the practice of Qigong for healing learning with several Qigong Masters starting in 1995, notably Dr. Effie Chow, Chun Yi Lin, Luke Chan, Wong Ku Kit and others, and became certified to teach in their respective Qigong systems. Subsequently she taught Qigong for 10 years.

Hilary took ‘Touch for Health’ Intensive Training in Santa Monica with John Thie himself, Roger Callahan’s original training in Thought Field Therapy which was the system that inspired Gary Craig’s development of EFT. She then took Gary’s original courses in 1998 and qualified in the only Certification process available at the time (EFT Advanced) administered by Dr. Patricia Carrington.

Hilary is committed to her own ongoing learning in EFT and every year she takes at least one programme with respected EFT practitioners like Carol Look or Fred Gallo. Her focus this year is in working with trauma and she is currently taking Craig Wiener’s “Tapping Out Of Trauma” webinars. We are blessed to have her as a presenter at the EFT Gathering in Ontario.

EFT For Gratitude and Forgiveness
Two Essential Steps to Inner Peace and Joy

Practicing as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist has given great opportunity to witness the toll a lack of forgiveness takes on the Human Energy System, it’s biochemistry and ultimately Physical Health. The concept of Forgiveness is often perceived as heavy, intense work and therefore is resisted but what if we could start the process very simply and with ease with Tapping? Hilary now works very simply by automatically inserting a self forgiveness approach to her Tapping and will share with attendees how this creates not only forgiveness but also gratitude and well being, peace and inner joy.