Jill Ferras

EFT and All Things Kids

This talk will focus on how we can support the emotional wellbeing of our kids and teens as they learn to navigate the sometimes complex world around them. We will discuss working on how they feel rather than how we feel about how they feel. We’ll discuss in turn how teaching them EFT helps them use this tool to support themselves through stressful and uncomfortable times throughout their entire lives. Our discussion will include tapping for relaxation, EFT to support our kids during tantrums, Stuffy (surrogate tapping), Gibberish tapping , tapping in the classroom and Movement tapping.


Jill has been a Full Time Primary Care Paramedic with the Region of Peel for 17 years, is a Part Time Yoga Instructor, and an Accredited EFTi Practitioner.  Jill uses EFT on a daily basis both in her professional role as a Paramedic, and in her personal life as a single mom of two children.  Jill see’s EFT as a major asset as a First Responder, a mom, and believes that “sharing is caring” when is comes to EFT, and you’ll just never know who will benefit from it until you share it.

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