Leslie Saucier

“EFT’s Critical Role in the Helping Professions”

Those in the helping professions are tasked with understanding and recognizing transference and burnout. Unfortunately, advice on what to do when this happens falls short at “take hot baths” or “get a gym membership”. When you adopt EFT into your personal and professional practices, it won’t take long before you understand that the answers have been there all along and we are simply too burdened with our past to recognize them.

Incorporating EFT into a Social Work practice can feel scary. Heal yourself through EFT and you will finally help others without the costly price tag of your own wellness.


Leslie has been a Registered Social Worker since 2008 and is currently in Private Practice working with teens, adults and couples with a focus on relationships. Her own experiences with professional burnout led her to become Accredited in EFT in 2019 with Susan Bushell as her trainer.

In search of an effective approach for clients with trauma backgrounds, anxiety and negative thoughts, Leslie landed on EFT after it spoke to her from a distance for many years. Never has Leslie trained in a technique that is so balanced in its ability to help worker and client.

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