Jill Ferras - Speaker at the EFT Gathering Canada

Jill Ferras


Jill has been a Full Time Primary Care Paramedic with The Region of Peel for 15 years, and is now also a Part Time Yoga Instructor. She completed her level 1 & 2 EFT training with Susan Bushell AAMET International EFT Master Trainer in July last year and continues to hone her skills in Tapping. Through her own professional and personal life experiences, she has come to see EFT as a very positive asset to have as a First Responder. Firstly, it helps her deal with her own personal life and workplace traumas, and secondly, gives her the skills to deliver EFT to patients, co-workers and students facing their own challenges and traumas.

When We Are The Emergency: Working Front Line With Tapping

The uses for EFT within Emergency Medicine can have real breadth. Extremely effective for front line responders who might have just come from a trying or traumatic call helping them calm their nervous systems and resettle. The research shows us that it is very effective with healing during treatment of PTSD. Jill will share how including EFT for attending 911 calls especially within the realm of mental health can be particularly useful. Before using EFT these patients would reach out to 911 because they were in crisis and felt they had nowhere else to turn to for assistance. Jill will share how patients who are open to tapping find ways to treat their underlying concerns where perhaps other medical intervention has not supplied longstanding relief. She will also share her own personal passion for getting Tapping into the hands (literally) of her peers.

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