Jody Galardo - Speaker at EFT Gathering Canada

Jody Galardo

Josephine Jody Galardo RP, M.ED  is a Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO and Accredited Advanced EFT practitioner who maintains a private practice in London Ontario and provides EAP services to both FSTV and Ceridian Lifeworks as an independent contractor. She has been in practice for over 35 years and specializes in working with anxiety, trauma, life transitions, stress and anger management to individuals 16 years and over using an eclectic model of therapy, integrating clinical evidence based interventions with energy psychology. Her continuing education focus at this time is in developing skills in clinical and EFT supervision and PTT (picture tapping techniques). As a creative thinker and a lifelong learner she actively researches and studies new and leading edge, novel approaches to bring into her practice, seeking out simpler ways to assist clients in accessing their own inner healer, the unconscious mind, to facilitate change. You can read more about Jody on her website at

Presentation for EFT Gathering 2018

Let’s get professional: Steps in Ethical Decision Making.

This presentation is aimed at increasing our awareness on how to process ethical dilemmas we may encounter when working with others by first reviewing the Ethical Code and ‘some’ of the Professional Practice Standards that set out the guidelines, boundaries and responsibilities we hold to serve and protect our clients and ourselves. Despite the guidelines set out by associations and colleges we will be faced with ethical dilemmas that nag at our brain bringing stress and uncertainty as to how to proceed. We may not even be aware that we are violating an ethical standard. In this presentation we review a model to help guide us through a process of making an ethical decision and collaborate with others in small groups working through an assigned ethical scenario.

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