Sue Cooperstock - Speaker at EFT Gathering Canada

Sue Cooperstock

Living in a Scary World: Is it possible to tap ourselves out of uncertainty and helplessness?

In this experiential workshop we will use a trauma lens to help us understand the impact of living in a time of rapid change, political upheaval and economic uncertainty. We will use tapping to allow us to gently delve into the stress and fear we may be experiencing, and together we will try to move ourselves through and beyond the helplessness and uncertainty, and toward… well, let’s find out!


Sue Cooperstock, MSW, RSW, spent the first 25 years of her professional career in hospital- then community-based mental health settings. She transitioned into private practice in 2013 and began to integrate tapping into her psychotherapeutic work at that time. Sue is delighted to be a part of this EFT Gathering for a second time.

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