Lynda Rees

Lynda Rees

Lynda Rees

Epigenetic EFT
Working with Hurtful Generational Energy

Changing the Legacy for Our Children and Grandchildren

Do you or your Clients….

  • Have anxiety issues that don’t even feel like they are yours?
  • Continue to sabotage yourself in the same ways your parents and grandparents did (especially around money, health, relationships and success?
  • Suffer from Chronic Pain or illness that just won’t shift?
  • Have patterns in relationships or at work that really puzzle you?

Research in epigenetics and quantum physics shows that STRESS and TRAUMA experienced by our great-great grandparents have left a legacy of biological distress in your life today.

Would You Like To Know How To Effectively Work With These Issues?
This workshop will demonstrate a process called Epigenetic EFT.  You can use this process to transform stuck energy patterns and discover patterns of resilience in previous generations, significant people and prior circumstances. This will allow for greater emotional freedom from limiting family legacies for you and your children as well as your clients and their children.


Lynda Rees RN, RP, RMFT, M.Sc.
Clinical Fellow/Approved Supervisor AAMFT/OAMFT
EFT Advanced Practitioner
Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner
META Health Practitioner

Lynda Rees initially trained as an RN working in the mental health field and became intrigued with how people relate to each other. She attended University of Guelph and received a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American and Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her work as a nurse and a relationship therapist took her on a journey to learn more about the mind body connection and it’s impact on our physical health and relationships. She studied PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), Bonding Psychotherapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), HeartMath, Highlands Natural Abilities, Advanced Clearing Energetics and Meta Health. Presently, she is co authoring a book with Leslie Gillespie about how women can take care of themselves while caring for their loved ones.

Lynda’s years of training and experience as a nurse and relationship therapist provide a solid foundation for the work she does in integrative psychotherapy. 15 years ago she added EFT to her work and since then has continued to expand her unique Mind/Body/Science paradigm.

Phone: 647 333 5683