Karin Davidson

Karin Davidson

Karin Davidson

EFT Can Be UNDONE! …and How to Prevent It.

Would you be surprised to find out that EFT isn’t always permanent? Did you know that results from EFT could be spontaneously reversed, and the symptoms you or your client thought they had tapped away could not only come back, but the issue resurface even stronger than before? You might have trouble believing it, but it’s true!

There is good news:

There is a way to prevent to this phenomenon from happening. You can protect yourself and your clients from losing the results from EFT and other energy modalities.

Having worked with hundreds of clients and some of the top energy professionals in the field, Karin Davidson has developed a specific, powerful tool to counteract this problem which utilizes the results of the research – not only to help those who have already experienced a loss or resurgence of their previously resolved issues, but also to help prevent it from happening in the first place.

This all stems from something some EFT practitioners have done away with using as a part of the EFT protocol– the gamut point. By using the gamut point, or triple warmer, in a profoundly different and simple way, you can avoid ever having an issue reappear!

You will learn:

· The circumstances that can cause issues and previously cleared symptoms to return
· What to do when you or one of your clients has experienced this problem
· How to utilize the 3 F’s to help you or your clients accept and integrate change
· The unique importance of the gamut point (triple warmer)
· A profoundly simple, yet powerful tool to use the gamut point to prevent the resurgence of issues later, and to help the body accept change

At the end of this presentation, you will be able to incorporate the gamut point into your sessions in a profoundly powerful way that is unlike anything you’ve used the gamut point for before.

Biography: Karin Davidson CHT, EFT-CPROF, EFT Master

Karin is an ACHP EFT Certified International Trainer of Trainers, International Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, a Certified AMT EFT Master and Trainer, a certified Advanced Clearing Energetics Trainer and Co-author of the EFT Levels 1-3 Comprehensive Training Resources required reading for EFT certification. She is a Reiki Master, a certified Emotion Code practitioner, an Emotrance Practitioner and Trainer, an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, and the creator of Prenatal Reimprinting.

Karin is the co-founder of Alternative and Complementary Healthcare Professionals (www.ACHPros.com), co-founder of the Meridian Tapping Techniques Association and EFT United, and is honored to be one of Dr. Stephen Adler’s faculty members. Karin has also created over 100 training DVDs in various forms of Meridian Tapping Techniques and Energy Practices, and has presented at events including the EFT Masterclass and EFT Gathering and was a featured speaker at the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIET) conference. Karin is trained in Inner Repatterning, Imagineering, EFT for Addictions, Dianetics Auditing, TAT, Z-Point, Arc of Healing, Energy Psychology, Color Healing, The Body Code, the Yuen Method, and Intuitive Healing. She was one of the team who created the certification program for EFT Universe, Meridian Tapping Techniques Association, and Alternative Healthcare Professionals. Karin also is part of the Israeli Trauma Center Project working with victims of trauma, the Vet Stress Project, and War on Stress organizations working with veterans.

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