Crystal Hawk


 EFT Research: Methodology and New Findings

 Although EFT research is cited on several websites, the findings of such studies are not widely known and we often face criticism of the perceived lack of research. In this talk, Crystal Hawk walks us through some of the recent findings in this developing field of study. She will help us to understand what this research indicates about EFT and how we may use it in our practices. Also, drawing on her extensive experience in co-ordinating research, she will discuss how such projects are conducted, in the hope that her work might be a model for future EFT studies in Canada and around the world.


Crystal Hawk, MEd, has been an educator and therapist in private practice in Toronto for forty years. Her interest in the fields of physics and consciousness led to her involvement in studying and teaching various forms of Energy-Based Healing, such as Therapeutic Touch™ and EFT. Crystal has been practicing and teaching Therapeutic Touch for thirty years and co-founded The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario twenty-five years ago. She has been practicing EFT since it’s inception and continuously teaching both introductory and advanced workshops. Several years ago she co-ordinated a study and follow-up research with Dawson Church PhD in America offering free EFT sessions for American war veterans. We are thrilled to have her join us at the Gathering.