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The 5th EFT Gathering in Ontario

April 10th – April 12th, 2021

Curious how EFT can transform how you work in Mental Health?

Ready to meet teachers and social workers using EFT in classrooms?

Looking for inspiration with your own personal Tapping efforts?

Want to meet those who use Tapping to create resilience in life?

Interested in learning how EFT for physical injury can lead to emotional health?

Has EFT enhanced and nourished your Spiritual Life?

The EFT Gathering in Ontario, Canada, was Founded and Created by Susan Bushell,
EFT International Accredited EFT Trainer & Energy Therapist.
Susan has been in private practice since 2003.
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There’s all the above and more coming to the Cutten Fields Golf and Tennis Club at the University of Guelph. Established 1932. Fine Dining. Best patio view in Guelph.

A Gathering of EFT educators, mental health professionals, teachers, coaches, practitioners, students, emergency service personnel and those curious about Emotional Freedom Techniques informally known as “Tapping”.

Take this opportunity to dive into your questions about EFT with a supportive group that understands and shares your passion

A community building event for those in Canada who love EFT, love to get together and catch up and find common ground. A place to explore the latest research and events happening in the EFT world at home and abroad. A place to upgrade skills and requirements for practicing EFT.

Come learn more about how EFT works, how it’s being used in our communities in Canada and how you might be able to start using it in your own life and in your workplace? And fellas! We promise. You will be outnumbered but there will be other guys in the audience, looking goofy too, tapping on their face and torso. We promise.

If you are looking for something different for self-care to calm the mind, settle the nerves and recharge your batteries come join us and learn more about “That Tapping Thing”.

Beginners, experts, everyone welcome. We are a friendly crowd!

Registration Fees

2-day Gathering $350 or (Two Easy Pays $175)
After March 1st 2-day Gathering $400 or (Two Easy Pays $200)

One Day Only $175 (Early Bird)
After March 1st $200

Post Conference Workshop Monday
“Spiritual Adventuring Amidst EFT” $150
After March 1st $200

Best Deal?
Register before March 1st
Dive In!
All 3 Days $450 (Two Easy Pays of $225)

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Our 2020 Speakers – With More to Come

Catherine Lavender

Susan Bushell Coordinator & Speaker

Susan Bushell

Pamela Sommer

Pilar Tomlinson

Pilar Tomlinson

Leslie Saucier

Jill Ferras

Sandra Couts

Sue Cooperstock

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